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Visit 19th Century America at Riverside House Museum

July 08, 2022

Come visit Riverside House Museum to learn more about all the aspects of life in 19th Century America. 

Operated as a public museum with an emphasis on George and Rosalie Calvert, their descendants, and their enslaved and free workforce. As well as other notable residents of the historical site. The Society’s stewardship of this National Historic Landmark is focused on the education of the public through preservation, study, and the interpretation of its owners and occupants, its architecture, and its place in Prince George’s County, the state of Maryland, and the United States. 

The Calvert Cemetery and Memorial Park consist of one acre of lawn with ornamental shrubs and trees and a fenced gravesite, the final resting place of George and Rosalie Calvert, Charles Benedict Calvert, and several of their young children. The Park and Cemetery can be accessed by taking a short walk up the stairs that lead from the Riverdale Park Town Center. 

The Riversdale Letter is the newsletter published by the Riversdale Historical Society dating all the way back to the 1980s. The most recent issues of the Letter are Members Only.

Riverside House Museum is located at 6011 48th Avenue, Riverdale Park, MD 20737. 

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