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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Any Hour of the Night, Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

August 08, 2022

A craving for a hot fudge sundae can strike at any time, but ice cream shops are rarely open late. Insomnia Cookies has a solution: its deluxe Hot Fudge Sundae cookie, available for late-night delivery (like everything else on the menu). The moist chocolate cookie is infused with rainbow sprinkles and filled with a blend of sprinkles and buttercream, tricking your tastebuds into believing you’re eating a classic hot fudge sundae.

This is just one example of the many inventive confections you can have delivered straight to your doorstep, even if you have specific dietary preferences. For instance, Insomnia’s signature chocolate chip cookies come in a gluten-free variety, and its bakers craft a version of the double chocolate chunk cookies using only vegan ingredients. Many of the cookies, in fact, are made without animal ingredients, including the vegan chocolate chunk and birthday cake cookies. If you’re looking for a confection that’s even more over the top, order a box of triple chocolate cookies paired with salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter cup cookies. Insomnia Cookies also offers brownies, ice cream, cookie-ice cream sandwiches, and many other sweet treats.

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